We went back to the Organic Orbit Eco Food Cafe for dinner last night – that’s how impressed I was with it (the first time being just a few days ago) – and how happy I am to have found raw food in Boulder!

Well, let me tell you, I was not disappointed. My dining companions, including my husband, were equally impressed.

Again, I hasten to add that Organic Orbit is not a raw food restaurant – they are an “eco food cafe”, which means, as they explain it, that they are “entirely committed to organic food as a way of life to eliminate agribusiness chemicals and genetically engineered food from our world. Our food sources are always organic and we use local farmers as much as possible. All proteins are Free Range, Wild Caught or Organic. Cheeses are hormone free and made with veggie rennet.”

(As a side note, they’ve also added a “Live Shakes” juice bar. I personally can’t wait to try the “Coconut Avocado” shake with coconut water, avocado, lime, date, flax seeds, and brazil nut – doesn’t that sound delicious?! Also the Hazelnut Shake, with date, hazelnut, brazil nut, flax seeds, vanilla, cinnamon, raw cacao, Dagoba chocolate.)

Call it “eco food”, call it “culinary consciousness” – call it whatever you want. I call it “delicious” and just what I’ve been looking for – organic food with both raw and vegetarian options (and gluten free options for those of you who need that, as well!)

We started with several appetizers – including their Mexicali pizza (which is not raw, but is vegetarian and organic), and their new cheese board, which featured five of the most wonderful cheeses that I’ve had in a long time – all vegetarian. Served with some delicious organic oat crackers, the cheese board was a huge hit (as was the pizza, which had refried citrus infused black beans, pico, cilantro, avocado, and pepitas).

We also had their “New School Gluten Free Mac N Cheese”, which was surprisingly delicate, and very yummy. This dish is made with gluten free brown rice rotini, arugula, heirloom tomato, mouco camembert, some greens, and truffle oil.

Sadly, I didn’t have the presence of mind to grab pictures of our appetizers, but they were every bit as beautiful as were our entrees and desserts, pictures of which I did get, and which are below.

But this is a Raw Food site, so about the raw food: for dinner my husband had – enjoyed and raved about – the same raw ravioli that I’d had during my first visit to Organic Orbit. It is just amazing.

The raw ravioli is made from golden beets, sliced paper thin as the wrappers of the ravioli. In all, it is made from golden beets filled with a cashew herb creme and plated with a blueberry marinara and chive oil. It is absolutely fantastic.

I had the Deep Green Citrus Avo salad, which was just perfect. It consists of valencia orange, fresh lime, red leaf, massaged kale, avocado, and goji, and was very very good.

We also had the Pesto Sunshine pizza, made with vine tomato, torn basil, haystack goat, and sunflower pesto. Both this pizza and the Mexicali were big hits – with a wonderful whole-grain thin crust, and perfect ingredients. While they are not raw pizzas, Organic Orbit does have a raw pizza on the menu, and I look forward to trying that soon.

For dessert we had the Panna Cotta (delicious, served with a blueberry coulis) and the mango sorbet, which had a rich, fresh mango flavour. Yum!

Again, I can’t highly enough recommend Organic Orbit – we’ll be going back often.

And, the best little secret of all is – go for their Happy Hour, from 5:00pm to 6:00pm, when you can get much their amazing food – including the Mexicali Pizza and the Gluten Free Mac and Cheese – for just $5.00 a portion!

Raw Ravioli

Deep Green Citrus Avo Salad

Sunshine Pizza

Mango Sorbet

Panna Cotta