Adventures in Raw Food

A Return to Organic Orbit Eco Food Cafe – Raw Food in Boulder, Colorado

We went back to the Organic Orbit Eco Food Cafe for dinner last night – that’s how impressed I was with it (the first time being just a few days ago) – and how happy I am to have found raw food in Boulder! Oh, and you must check out their Happy Hour, from 5:00pm to 6:00pm, when you can get much of their amazing food for just $5.00 a portion!

Raw Ravioli to Die for at the Only Raw Food Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado

As I mentioned earlier, I have finally found a raw food restaurant in Boulder (Colorado), the Organic Orbit Eco Cafe, and was very excited.

Found! Raw Food in Boulder, Colorado!

We have always been amazed – shocked – dismayed, that in there was no raw food in Boulder, Colorado. I mean – Boulder – of all places – you would think would have lots of raw food restaurants. But nope, not a one. And that is why I was so very thrilled to discover one today!

Bay Leaf Cafe, Palo Alto

The BayLeaf Cafe in Palo Alto comes highly recommended. (Note that they spell it “BayLeaf Cafe”, rather than “Bay Leaf Cafe”.)

Cafe Gratitude, Berkeley

Cafe Gratitude and its founders can seem a bit over the top, even for the most open-minded of souls. BUT, and this is a big but – even if you think that this might put you off – THE FOOD IS AMAZING!!

Cafe La Vie, Santa Cruz, California

We went to Cafe La Vie, a raw food restaurant in Santa Cruz, for Father’s Day. All in all it was wonderful and delicious meal, and all three of us agreed that we’d gladly go to Santa Cruz again just to eat at Cafe La Vie. Santa Cruz is about a 40 minute drive for us, so that’s saying something.