Do you have a gas oven with a pilot light? If so, your oven may be perfect for gently warming those raw dishes which cry out to be served slightly warm!

Remember that a basic precept to eating raw is that the delicious and nutritious enzymes, anti-oxidants, and other rawiddy goodness are lost or destroyed when food is subjected to temperatures above about 115 degrees farenheit. This is why so many recipes call for using the dehydrator at gentle temperatures.

Well, I have a gas stove, and it turns out that the pilot light causes the oven to be at a constant temperature of about 120. All the time. Always there, always waiting. And my oven has a little tab I can flip out to keep the door opened just a crack (but you could easily use, say, a wooden spoon to accomplish the same thing), and when that door stays open just a crack, it brings the temperature down to about 105.

Perfect for gently bringing a chilled dish to serving temperature!