Cleaning Teflex sheets isn’t hard, but it can be unwieldy. Here is a tip to clean Teflex sheets easily, and with minimum of fuss!

I was in a store a few days ago, and I happened to notice a box, 14″ x 14″, made to hold scrapbooking paper. It was about 4 inches deep, with a hinged lid. Nearly perfect for holding Teflex sheets.

I bought the box, and ran home with it. I laid my Teflex sheets in the bottom of the box, and filled it with hot, soapy water. Then I left the Teflex sheets soak for a while, while I did some other things.

When I came back to the box, I opened the lid, which opened all the way out and became a work surface for scrubbing the Teflex sheets! (Not that they really need scrubbing – wiping will usually do.)

It was incredibly easy to put the box next to the sink, remove a sheet from the soapy water, slide it onto the opened lid, give it a scrub, and rinse it in the sink!


And where do you put your Teflex sheets to dry?

Why, on the racks in your dehydrator, of course!

The only thing which would make this more perfect would be if I could find a box which was 14.5″ x 14.5″, just to allow a tiny bit more room.