After reading Ani Phyo’s rave reviews of the Tribest Personal Blender I just had to try it. So I ordered one from Amazon. And WOW am I glad that I did!

The Tribest Personal Blender quickly replaced my Cuisinart personal food processor, and that’s saying a lot, because Cuisinart makes an excellent product!

The Personal Blender is one of those breed of food choppers / grinders / blenders that has blending containers onto which you screw the blade base as if it were the top of the container, and then you invert it and set it into the motor base.

What makes the Tribest Personal Blender really cool is not just its power (a’plenty) and versatility (ditto), but the great accessories that were clearly developed by someone who was a power user themselves. For example, the blender comes with a commuter cup lid (like a sippy cup) so that you can blend up a single serving smoothie, swap the commuter lid for the blade base, and take it with you. In fact, that’s just what we do most mornings now – throw some fruit in the container, cover with coconut water – sometimes add some chia powder or almond butter – and blend for a few moments – done! So yummy, and so good for you!

[Try my Cranberry Apple Crisp Smoothie that I made in my Tribest Personal Blender!]

But Tribest didn’t stop with their nifty commuter lid – oh no – they also have a grinding blade base (so you can grind your own nuts, coffee, spices, grains, what-have-you) and there is a mason jar adapter, so that you can blend directly in the mason jar and then store what you’ve blended or ground!

They even have a carrying case, so that you can truly put the “personal” in Personal Blender, taking it with you wherever you go so that you can live the raw lifestyle on the go! In fact, that’s one of the things that Ani Phyo raves about – she really does take her Personal Blender with her!


I got the full set (you can buy it with just the blending base and containers, or with the grinder base and containers include – it’s only $10.00 more to get both the blending and grinding base) and I’m so glad that I did!

You can buy the Tribest Personal Blender here at Amazon, where it is eligible for free Prime shipping.

And you can check out Ani Phyo’s awesome raw food books here.