I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday: the hardest thing about eating raw is changing how you think about eating, and food.

We are so used to thinking about food as something bad for us. Yes, we know that we need to eat to live. But when was the last time that you ate something and thought “wow, that was really good for me”?

Not just not bad, but affirmatively good?

At most, generally speaking, you may eat a meal and think “hey, that was nice, and it wasn’t even bad for me!” But rarely do you walk away from a meal, full, and think “and to think that it was actually good for me.”

But that’s what is different about eating raw food. You are not only not doing something bad for your body, but you are actually doing something good – something positive.

The more you eat of it, the better for your body!

That is a very hard thing to actually grok, as simple as it may sound.

It is extremely difficult to get from thinking “this meal is less bad for me” to actually getting “this meal is good for me”, and “I can eat all I want of this and my body will thank me!” and “the more I eat of this the better!”

Extremely difficult, but extremely liberating.

And fun.