Adventures in Raw Food

Vegetarian Marshmallows (Actually, Vegan Marshmallows!)

At last, a source for fantastic vegetarian marshmallows (vegan marshmallows, even)! This means that they are also kosher marshmallows (although not necessarily Kosher marshmallows, as in officially approved – but they are free of animal products). A lot of people may not realize that marshmallows are not vegetarian or vegan. That’s because usually marshmallow ingredients include gelatin, which traditionally comes from the bones of animals. Now, I don’t know the secret to Sweet and Sara’s vegan marshmallow recipe, but let me tell you that these are some amazing, gourmet marshmallows.

Cheese That’s Safe for Vegetarians to Eat – Even Vegetarian Brie!

Few people realize that most cheese is made with an enzyme that is harvested from the stomach of a newborn calf. That’s right, millions of vegetarians are eating cheese that is decidedly not vegetarian, but they have no idea. Fortunately, there are good cheeses which are made without rennet, but you have to know where to look. You can even get a fantastic vegetarian brie, and I’m going to tell you where!

New Forum Group!

I’m pleased to announce the addition of a new forum group in our forums, “Places to Eat Raw in…”

The Hardest Thing About Eating Raw: Changing How You Think About Eating

We are so used to thinking about food as something bad for us. Yes, we know that we need to eat to live. But when was the last time that you ate something and thought “wow, that was really good for me”?

Teflex Dehydrator Sheets: Tips for Handling and Storage

Teflex sheets are a wonderful thing, and open up a world of possibilities for things you can make with your dehydrator.

Welcome to Adventures in Raw Food

So much of the raw food information out there seems, well, cultish. I yearned for more practical information. Well, here it is.