In the early part of 2006, I started becoming interested in incorporating more raw, or at least less processed, food into my and my family’s diet.

The more I read, the more going more raw made such perfect sense to me.

But so much of the information out there – the groups and websites out there – seemed, well, cultish.

I yearned for more practical information. How could I tip the balance – add more healthful raw fruits, vegetables, and other foods, into our diet – without having to go vegan, cleanse my colon, or swear allegiance to the Great Raw Food God?

Why did it all have to seem so extreme?

And where, oh where, were the raw food cookbooks which had more than recipes for juice, smoothies, juice smoothies, and vegetable smoothies which they cleverly call “soup”?

After much searching and digging, I started finding what I was looking for. But it wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t obvious. Certainly not as obvious as it should be.

I figure that if I had such a hard time finding it, others must be as well. So this site is for you.

Enjoy, contribute, keep coming back.