Teflex sheets are a wonderful thing, and open up a world of possibilities for things you can make with your dehydrator, such as crackers and flatbreads, and the delicious ‘sauteed’ mushrooms in the dehydrator.

Here are some hints for cleaning, drying, and storing them:

1. Wash with mild soapy water, and rinse them. Then, to dry them you can either:

a) Hang them from one of those magnetic clips which are so popular these days, stuck onto the side of some nearby appliance; or

b) Simply put each one on a rack in your dehydrator!

To store your Teflex sheets you can do what many do, which is store them flat on a rack in your dehydrator.

However, what we like to do is to roll them up, and stuff them inside an empty paper towel tube! It keeps them all together, and they are easy to get to!