If you want to make crackers or flatbread (such as the fabulous raw corn tortilla recipe), you will need to have some Teflex sheets, as all recipes call for them. Teflex sheets are thin flexible sheets which you put on top of the dehydrator screen, so that goopy or drippy things don’t end up falling through the screen, or so that, in a case such as crackers and flatbreads, you can smooth the dough on to them.

Nearly all recipes I have seen for raw crackers and flatbreads call for dividing the dough onto two or more Teflex sheets, and spreading the dough out to the edges of the sheet, using either your hands or a spatula of some sort.

Now, I have discovered three things which make the process of spreading raw cracker or flatbread dough onto a Teflex sheet a snap:

1. Get yourself a length of that cushioned shelf liner, like this one here. They sell them at hardware and houseware stores everywhere. Cut yourself a 14″ x 14″ square of it (or close to it). Teflex sheets measure 14″ x 14″.

Now, when you are spreading things on a Teflex sheet, put the sheet on top of that square of rubber shelf liner, and it will keep the Teflex sheet from slipping about. Once you have finished spreading your dough on the sheet, you can transfer the Teflex sheet, with the dough, onto the dehydrator screen.

2. Get yourself an offset spatula to use for spreading your dough. I got this tip from the Raw Food/Real World cookbook, which I adore. An offset spatula looks like this.

3. Now that you have an offset spatula, here is perhaps the best tip of all. Offset spatulas are what one uses for frosting cakes. In fact, this is what lead me to this idea. Most recipes will tell you to divide the dough onto the Teflex sheets, and then spread it out. Don’t do that! Instead, divide the dough but leave it in the bowl. Then, frost the Teflex sheet with the dough, as if you were frosting a cake. So instead of putting a blob of dough in the middle of the Teflex sheet and spreading it out from there, simply put a bit of dough on your offset spatula, spread it on a section of the Teflex sheet (again, as if frosting a cake), get some more dough on the spatula, and continue the process until the sheet is covered . This is so much easier!!!

Links to things used in these tips:

Teflex sheets (These are being discountinued in favour of Paraflexx disposable sheet. If you, like me, prefer reusable, not disposable, grab them while you can. This link is to a distributor who is closing them out through ebay.)

cushioned shelf liner

offset spatula

Excalibur Dehydrator