Adventures in Raw Food

Gluten Free Vegan Doughnuts – YUM!

This gluten-free vegan donuts recipe isn’t raw, but I am stashing it here until our new ‘The Happy Gluten-Free Vegan’ site is up. This recipe, from BabyCakes Covers the Classics: Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes from Donuts to Snickerdoodles has ingredients that you may not already have in your pantry, but once you assemble them it’s very easy to make – and you can find them all at your local Whole Foods or other natural foods store. Or you can buy them online at the links I’ve provided below.

Ridiculously Easy, Completely Scrumptious Raw Fruit Compote or Topping

We love using fresh fruit, but sometimes it’s not practical. However, we always have several kinds of organic fresh-frozen fruit in the freezer, and it’s amazing how easy it is to use this to make an incredibly delicious raw fruit compote (or spiced fruit compote! – yum!) or fruit topping.

Raw Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

This recipe for raw oatmeal raisin cookies follows on the heels of the success of our Raw Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. These Raw Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are very easy to make (one bowl!) and take only a bit over an hour to ‘cook’ in the dehydrator!

How to Make Raw Popcorn

This really does taste like raw popcorn, even though there is neither popping nor corn involved! In fact, for those who are trying to avoid corn, or who are allergic to it, it’s a perfect snack (not to mention being raw)! And it is so darned easy to make, you won’t believe it!

How to Make Those Yummy Raw Cheesy Kale Chips – Raw Cheez-Its®!

Last week my daughter, of FAB Shows fame, turned me on to those awesome raw cheesy kale chips that are the equivalent of raw Cheeze-Its® or, as some would say, “cheezy kale chips”. (Some even say “chreesy kale chips”, after that vegan, non-dairy cheese substitute called Chreese that is made and marketed by Edwards & Son, and whose main ingredients are wheat flour and nutritional yeast.) In any event, while “kale and fake cheese” may not sound very appetizing, trust me, these are the raw equivalent of Cheese-Its®! They are delicious! In fact, after she made them for us, we had to make more for ourselves just a few days later, we were so jonesing for them!

Cranberry Apple Crisp Smoothie

Playing with my new Tribest Personal Blender, I ended up making this delicious Cranberry Apple Crisp Smoothie, perfect for the holiday season!

Warm Honeyed Sesame Date Gems

One of the beauties of raw food is that, while many recipes can seem complex and time-consuming, many others are so simple and so delicious. And this is one of those. These honeyed sesame date gems, served warm from the dehydrator, are melt-in-your mouth wonderful, and so very good for you!

Easy Gourmet Raw Chocolates

You will absolutely love these deep, dark raw chocolate candies. They’re easily as good as the best high-end dark chocolate candies, and they’re far better for you. In fact, this is chocolate at its antioxidant best – with pure raw ingredients that you can feel good about eating. It’s good, and good for you!

Raw Fudge Brownie Recipe

If you are craving the taste of fudgey brownies, this recipe for raw fudge brownies is just the ticket! And so good for you!

Raw Recipe for Vegan Raw Fake Tuna Fish Salad – Yum, It’s SO Good!

This raw recipe for vegetarian fake tuna salad is so delicious, and to make it vegan all you have to do is use vegan mayonnaise! You’ll be astonished at just how much it really tastes like tuna!