Adventures in Raw Food

Deep Dark Delicious Raw Chocolate Sauce

This delicious raw chocolate sauce is a riff on a recipe from Shazzie and David Wolfe’s incredible book, Naked Chocolate. This is as true a dark chocolate sauce as you could want. It’s delicious over 5-Minute Raspberry Sorbet!

Annie’s Raw Spicy Peanut Sauce (Raw Dan Dan Sauce)

This recipe for raw spicy peanut sauce (also known as raw Dan Dan sauce) is amazing, and very forgiving!

On Making Raw Peanut Butter from Raw Peanuts

I really wanted to experiment with making raw peanut butter from raw peanuts. So when they had raw peanuts in the bulk section at Whole Foods, I jumped on them.

Mole Mole Sauce

This is a recipe for raw mole sauce which I created when one day I was wondering what I might do with my new bag of raw cacao nibs (ohmygosh, they are divine), and I suddenly had a hankering for mole!

1:1:1:1 Dressing

This dressing is so delicious on a salad or veggies! In fact, it’s so good that I can eat a big bowl of nothing but lettuce with this dressing and love it! And it’s so easy to make!