Adventures in Raw Food

Raw Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Yum yum yum… these raw cookies really are like those nobake chocolate oatmeal cookies you had as a kid, only so much better for you! And this raw cookie recipe not only is good for you, but is very quick to make!

Raw Food “Poached” Pears

Raw “poached” pears is a very easy, tasty dessert! Great for any time of year!

Raw Food Indian Style: Incredible Pumpkin Curry

I have absolutely been jonesing for raw Indian food, and so I found a recipe, made it my own, and the results were nothing short of incredible! You could barely tell that it was raw. And ohmygosh it was so easy! Indian raw food – it’s what’s for dinner!

What to Do with Raw Cacao Nibs or Cocoa Nibs (a/k/a Chocolate Nibs)

Raw cacao nibs or raw cocoa nibs (some even call them “chocolate nibs”) are absolutely, amazingly delicious, and extremely good for you. Whether you prefer to call them cacao nibs, cocoa nibs, or chocolate nibs, the bottom line is that they are chocolate at its most pure.