Raw cacao nibs (or raw cocoa nibs) are absolutely, amazingly delicious. Whether you prefer to call them cacao nibs or cocoa nibs, the bottom line is that they are chocolate at its most pure.

(According to Ghirardelli, “historically, “cacaoâ€? and “cocoaâ€? were used interchangeably since “cocoaâ€? is easier to understand. However, technically, “cocoaâ€? should be used in reference to powder products, while “cacaoâ€? should be used when referring to the bean”.)

And they are so good for you!

The Yale-New Haven hospital says that “Over 300 naturally occurring chemicals are found in chocolate. In a study conducted by Andrew Waterhouse, chocolate was found to have potent antioxidants,” and USA Today explains that medical research has revealed that “chocolate is rich in cell-protecting antioxidants”, that the antioxidants in chocolate “help block chemical changes in bad LDL cholesterol that lead to clogged arteries,” and “act like aspirin to reduce blood platelet stickiness and thus the clotting that triggers heart attacks and strokes

In any event, raw cacao nibs (or cocoa nibs) are an absolute treat. Crunchy, chocolatey, and not at all bitter like baking chocolate (although not sweet either – they are just perfect!) they can be eaten plain, mixed into recipes, sprinkled over fruit or ice cream, or just eaten with nuts and dried fruits by the handful!

You can mix them into pretty much any sweet (or indeed some savory!) recipes. Leave them ‘whole’ for some crunch, or mix them in with other ingredients in your food processor or Vitamix to grind them up.

They are wonderful added in to smoothies and nut-based drinks, and divine mixed into homemade ice creams.

For a great drink, try our Orange Chocolate Dream! Or our Banana Split in a Glass!

And my own Mole Mole sauce uses them!

One site recommends cutting up squares of raw honeycomb, sprinkling them with the cacao nibs, and serving. Yum!

Raw cacao nibs can be ordered many places online, including Amazon!

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