It’s one of the latest fads – portabella mushrooms for sandwiches. Portabella mushrooms are delicious, and a great source of vegetarian protein. But how do you do portabella mushrooms raw?

Once again, it’s the trusty dehydrator to the rescue, and it is so easy!

Take your portobello mushrooms, and clean and destem them. Save those stems!

Now, you are going to make enough of the following to allow you to coat the mushrooms well (by submerging them, turning them, and removing them to a dehydrator tray):

1 part balsamic vinegar
1 part Nama Shoyu
2 parts olive oil
salt and pepper to taste.

Mix the above well, submerge the portabella caps in the liquid, turn to coat all parts of the mushroom caps, and then place the caps on a Teflex lined dehydrator sheet.

Now cut the stems in half length-wise, and put them in the liquid, turn to coat, and put those on the dehydrator sheet as well.

Set the dehydrator to 115 degrees, and leave the mushrooms in until they are just tender and soft. For me it takes between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the size of the mushrooms.

These portabellas are perfect on a sandwich or, if you want to go 100% raw, just on a plate cut up like steak. They are delicious!

And use the stems to toss into a pasta or other dish, or as a garnish.

These will keep for up to a week if wrapped well in plastic wrap, but they are so delicious you will want to eat them right up.